Alsecco EWI Solutions

External Wall Insulation

Alprotect Nova
(Mineral Fibre)

UV stability & long term colour vibrancy.

Basic 1

Graphite enhanced expanded polystyrene.


Available in all colours including dark shades.

Basic FS

Finishes include; brick, ceramic, render & timber.

Ecomin 300
(Mineral Fibre)

Premium high density mineral fibre insulation.

Ecomin FS
(Mineral Fibre)

Compliant to NHBC standards for new builds.

Brick Slip Systems

Ecomin 400
(Mineral Fibre)

Ideal for low and high rise installations.

Basic 4

Long lasting (60 years) and very low maintenance.


Basic 5

Highly efficient graphite enhanced expanded polystyrene.

Ecomin 500
(Mineral Fibre)

The most cost effective energy efficiency for high rise.

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